Real-Time Severe Weather Damage Leads for Roofers & Storm Restoration Professionals

How it Works


1. Severe Weather Strikes

The second a storm occurs anywhere in your designated territory, DamageCast is instantly notified and obtains details about the storm from the National Weather Service. Our weather data is storm-cell-level allowing us to see damage with greater clarity.

powerful technology

2. Our Cutting Edge Technology Gets to Work

DamageCast utilizes proprietary technology and more than 2.4 billion data points to translate severe weather impacted areas into 100% accurate contact information for homeowners.

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3. You Get More Jobs

With fresh and accurate contact information for storm impacted homeowners within minutes of a storm, your sales team can be the first to reach the homeowner, and have more information than your competitor without setting foot on property.

What You'll Get

Within minutes of a qualifying storm striking anywhere in your selected territory, which can be anything from a few zipcodes to an entire state, to the entire United States, you'll receive an Excel Spreadsheet with each address, homeowner name, phone number(s) (often cell numbers), email address(es), information on each property like squarefootage, year built, etc. and information about the storm like hail size, sustained winds, and gusts.

Pay-Per-Lead & Annual Subscriptions Available

156 Million

US Addresses Served


Weather Monitoring


Severe Storms in 2018

100% Accuracy Guarantee

If we provide you with undeliverable email addresses or disconnected phone numbers, we'll replace them, no questions asked. 

Stop knocking on unanswered doors

Storm chasing designed for 2019

Know everything there is to know before you talk to a homeowner, then actually talk to the homeowner. DamageCast enables your sales team to reach more homes, and focus on the right homes.

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